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Taking content marketing to the next level, making it the actual product. The best of brand publishing engages and informs, going beyond brand affinity to establishing the brand as a thought leader in its field.



Client         Cable & Wireless 


                       (formerly LIME Business)

Sector        Telecommunications

Create a digital publication that speaks directly to the unique needs of the entrepreneurs, SMEs, and business decision-makers that form C&W Business’ clientele. C&W Business is a full service communications provider that delivers market-leading video, broadband, telephony and mobile services to customers in 18 countries.



Understanding the target consumer was key to developing the editorial content for iAspire.


As driven self-starters, the iAspire audience is goal-oriented, dedicated to self-improvement and tends to be early adopters of new products and technologies that they believe will further their aspirations. These demographic characteristics make an organic fit for brand services such as data center hosting, managed network services, and customized IT service solutions. 


Using the strategies of influencer marketing, my approach was to highlight the stories of existing customers, showcasing both their own brand-building stories, as well as how C&W Business products enabled them to reach their own goals.


The publication saw distribution over several of the company’s digital platforms, supported by  email marketing and digital media ad campaigns. Highly influential in their own right, the features were, without exception, also shared on the featured entrepreneur’s own social media platforms, creating even more visibility for the project.

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